About Us

We are LemonAI, We CreateBuildDevelop Solutions

We provide your business with all the digital services it needs to reach your audience and provide them with the best experience.


Our mission is to provide all services within the digital marketing scope, as well as software development. We use predictive analytics in order to maximize our clients’ ROIs and boost their growth.


Our vision is to become one of the top digital firms that provide digital marketing and software development services. We want to introduce companies to the world of digital marketing that uses predictive data analytics.


The world is filled with digital marketers, but not all of them are data-driven. With LemonAI, we will make your campaigns count. By analyzing customer engagement and retention, we will shift the direction of the campaign accordingly to find what works. Our goals are to help you reach your goals, no matter what they are. We work hard, think creatively, and work efficiently. As a team, we make sure to meet our deadlines and provide our customers with the highest quality of work.

Who We Are

It all started with lemons, which would come to inspire a little boy and shape his future. You may be thinking, “Why lemons?” Well, the answer is simple.

Two key people in his life were the inspiration of how he saw lemons. The first was his grandmother. Her main philosophy in life was that lemons could solve problems and added flavor to anything. The second was his favorite college professor, who always talked about how when she was a little girl, she saved her parents’ business with her lemonade. This professor came to be known as Miss LemonAId to him. They say in life, there are no coincidences, and this story is proof of that. And so, LemonAI was born. With a special mixture just like lemonade, it is made up of three ingredients. This is a combination of digital marketing, software solutions and creativity, based upon predictive analytics.

It is prepared by a group of creative minds, IT geeks and innovators who come from different walks of life in order to reach the world in all of its diversity.