Your Data Has Been Kidnapped!

Your Data Has Been Kidnapped!

One day, your employee received a link that seemed interesting from an unknown source. They were too curious to know what that is, so they opened it. To their disappointment it was a prank and it left them frustrated. Little did they know the frustration was just beginning. 

Later, they receive this message:
Now that is Ransomware!

It is when a virus infiltrates a certain device, takes all of its data that you cannot access it anymore. UNLESS, you pay for it to have it back. Not only that, it could encrypt the data of a whole network if it is vulnerable.

You might now be thinking that this can ever happen to your business because you’re smarter than opening a silly link, and your network is definitely not vulnerable. 

Well, I would sadly love to tell you that some of the biggest entities that we usually hear of, have fallen in that trap, take FedEx as an example.  

You can read more about the 2017 “WannaCry” incident. That has affected more than 10,000 organizations, 200,000 individuals across 150 countries in just 48 HOURS! One of these entities is the UK’s National Health Service, which caused doctors’ appointments to be postponed, along with cancer treatments. 

If you’re still wondering how great its effect could be. Here are some numbers. 

The estimated ransomware costs of 2021 are estimated to be $20 billion in databases lost. Only 15% of businesses threatened by ransomware actually pay the ransom.

More than 1,000 American Governmental organizations have been affected by ransomware in 2019 alone. Since 2016, it has cost the US Healthcare system more than $157 million. These attacks have affected 6.6 million patients. Moreover, 61% of the attacks are targeted towards schools and educational institutions. 

It does not stop there. An average size of 645 employees have been affected in the third quarter of 2019 alone. In addition, the detected new mobile ransomware trojans reached 68,000 last year.

Have you realized how serious that is?

Maybe you’re asking yourself now, how does it stop -if it ever stops? Well, the answer is “Cyber Security”. 

All it took for the 2017 attack to stop was one guy, a 22-year-old who accidentally found out about the global ransomware. You can read more about his story here- How to Accidentally Stop a Global Cyber Attacks.

Maybe your business needs some security experts too. But until then, here are some tips that can keep you somewhat protected:

• Make sure all the operating systems of your network are original and always kept updated by applying software patches.

• Update Anti-Virus software to your network regularly.

• Always have backups for your most valuable data. 

• Educate your employees not to open suspicious emails and links.

• Use different passwords. Don’t set a default password across all access points. 

• Limit the devices connected to your network.

Now let us hear you and tell us what you think about this topic in the comments. 

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